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Financial planning content your clients will read and engage with.

At Clients+, we create hassle-free, high-quality digital content for financial planners. Every month, gain access to great articles, guides and videos – checked by compliance and ready for marketing.

Monthly financial planning content includes
Articles & blogs
Guides & factsheets
Video content
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Financial planning content

High-quality financial planning articles, guides, videos and more.

Clients expect to be informed and educated about their wealth and money. As their financial planner, you are perfectly positioned to meet this need – helping clients navigate complicated financial decisions.

With timely and useful content from our content library, you can provide thought leadership and ongoing value. Not only does this help them solve their problems, but it also helps grow their appreciation and loyalty to you.

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Financial planning articles

Financial planning articles covering a broad range of topics.

Even in today’s world of short attention spans, articles and blogs are still highly sought-after by financial planning clients. After all, many of their questions about financial planning cannot be summarised into a short answer. A comprehensive article covering the topic can bring clarity to your readers, giving them confidence that you can help address their pain points.

Whether you need content covering pensions, investments, protection, mortgages or tax planning, our content library has you covered.

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Financial planning newsletters

Branded PDF newsletters designed to keep your clients informed.

Branded PDF newsletters are a simple and effective way of keeping your clients updated on a regular basis. Here at Clients+, we offer a regular PDF newsletter for financial planners called Invested Interests. This includes up to 6 articles on a wide range of topics which are relevant and interesting to clients. It is also be integrated with your logo, contact details and compliance statement to create a branded feel.

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Financial planning guides and factsheets

Branded PDF guides and factsheets for financial planning firms.

Are you looking for a great guide on pension planning to offer your clients and prospects, perhaps on your website or landing page? Maybe you want a collection including one on tax planning, inheritance tax and “how to develop an investor mindset?” Our content library at Clients+ has you covered. Simple log into your account and use our search facility to find the topic or category you want. Once selected, use the credits from your subscription to access the guide(s) you want and you are ready to go.

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Financial planning videos

Branded financial planning videos to inspire and educate clients.

Videos are one of the most powerful ways for a financial planner to communicate with clients. Here at Clients+, our content library offers ready-made animated explainer videos covering a wide range of financial planning topics. Typically 1-2 minutes in length, they include great music and graphical transitions, keeping the viewer’s attention whilst presenting useful, relevant information on pensions, investment planning and more.

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