Frequently asked questions

Which types of financial firms is your monthly digital content for?

Our monthly articles, videos and guides is primarily geared towards UK financial advisers and planners. However, we do also provide content for other specific areas of the financial sector, such as finance and investment management firms. If you are in a particular niche and are looking for great monthly content to provide to your clients, then please do contact us to discuss your needs directly. We might be able to craft a more specific solution for you.

Can I change my monthly subscription level depending on my needs?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription by going into your Account Settings and updating your “Subscription Type” settings. Changes will take effect immediately and will be reflected in your next monthly bill. If you upgrade your subscription the extra download credits will be added immediately. If you downgrade your subscription, then the reduced credits will be added upon next month’s allocation.

Are the download credits carried over?

Yes, if you have not used all of your content download credits from previous months then these carry forward into the following months. There is no cap on the total number of credits you can build up. Bear in mind that your credits will be lost, however, if you cancel your subscription.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No, you are not bound to a long-term contract or anything like that with our subscription services. If you wish to cancel your subscription you simply log into your account and press the “Cancel Subscription” button in your account settings. All unused credits will be lost.

Can I pay the subscription annually

Yes, you can pay for a 12-month subscription at a reduced cost (15% off). You can order your 12-month subscription at any time by logging into your Account and navigating to “Payment Options”, where you can choose between monthly and annual payment options,

How do I cancel my subscription if I decide it’s not for me?

It’s very straightforward. Simply log into your account and navigate to “Cancel Subscription.” If you change your mind later, rest assured that we will store your unused credits and downloads for 30 days before wiping the system.

How do I embed the videos onto my website or social media?

We use PDF format for our downloadable guides, newsletters and factsheets which are easy to upload to a WordPress website. Our videos are also published on Vimeo which allows you to download them and upload to your site. These can also be embedded using the platform’s built-in functionality.

What restrictions are there on my use of the content?

You may not distribute any content which you download to another business or individual outside of your business. This includes business, entities and individuals within a financial adviser/planner network or to subsidiaries. Our content is not allowed to be re-sold or used in PR-related activities. See our full Terms and Conditions of Supply for more information.

Where can I use the articles, guides and other content you provide?

You may use our content on your social media profiles, your website and/or blog, on your newsletter and on landing pages. Content provided in blog format can be copy and pasted into a WordPress blog post or printed out (e.g. as a WordPress blog) and distributed to clients.

Can I make any amendments to the copy on the content I download?

Any content items supplied in Word format from our content library can be amended to reflect your needs. Please note that the majority of our content is supplied in PDF or video format which cannot be amended without the knowledge and consent of our design team at Clients Plus.

Can I have my logo and contact details added to the content I order?

Under the Clients+ Pro and Client’s Branded options you are entitled to 1 and 2 pieces of branded content per month, respectively. This allows you to integrate your logo and contact details onto select pieces of content within our library. These are usually integrated onto your content within 24 hours of order and supply of the relevant design files (e.g. your logo in high-res format).

Can I re-download content?

Yes. All content is stored in our content library. So, if you order a piece of content using one of your credits, this order information is stored on our system. This means, for instance, that if you download a guide to your PC and delete it, you can simply come back to your account to retrieve it again!

How long does branded or bespoke content take to arrive?

These content pieces need some preparation by our design team. As such, they are usually available by the next business day once ordered and the relevant design files supplied (e.g. your logo in high-res format).