A strong suite of financial planning content is a must for any competitive planner, adviser or accountant. At Clients+, we know this better than anyone. Wondering how to improve your financial planning content? Google can help.

Successful digital marketing content requires you to juggle a few different balls at once – balls like SEO, trending topics and data analysis. Thankfully, this isn’t as challenging as it first might seem with the support of these five free-to-use Google tools…


Google My Business

When you claim your profile on Google My Business, your office will be listed in local results and will pop up during relevant Google searches completed nearby. This will make it about a thousand times easier for potential customers to find you.

It’s also a chance for you to share important information about your business with potentially interested parties, from the services you offer to the hours that you’re open. 

As for how it helps your financial planning content? It’s all about the data! 

From Google My Business, you’ll be able to discover fascinating data about your audience and your local search performance – data that might well show you the best people to target with your content marketing strategy.


Google Alerts

Next up, we have Google Alerts. A Google Alert is essentially a news reminder. You enter a term and you’re notified when this term hits the news. This means you can use Google Alerts, once again, to gather important data.

You can save your company name as a search term. You can save the names of close competitors. You can even save industry terms to monitor how much traction they’re getting. 

Pay enough attention, and you might even identify a trend (and write about it) before it can become a trend. What better opportunity to offer some thought leadership and position your company as an industry authority?


Google Trends

Speaking of trends, Google Trends is another great free tool to have in your arsenal. Using Trends, you’ll be able to analyse search data over time, measuring not just how popular a term currently is, but how popular it has historically been. 

This will help your financial planning content in two key ways:

  • It will allow you to capture the zeitgeist and write about trending financial topics when they’re on the rise.
  • It will provide you with interesting and useful windows into the financial planning sector over time, which you can then use as points of data in your expert content.


Google Analytics

While Alerts and Trends are both tools designed to help you better understand the industry and the topics worth your focus, Google Analytics will allow you to dive more deeply.

With the help of data gathered by the tool, you’ll develop a better understanding of the most important thing of all: Your customers.

You’ll be able to discover how your content is performing with these customers through unique, machine-learning-powered insights. 

You’ll then be able to turn these insights into results, making the changes you need to raise your content’s performance (even when it’s already doing well).


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance service for your website’s Google search listings. 

It stands to reason that this tool will be helpful for your financial planning content because it will ensure that said content is actually getting listed on Google, seen on Google and disseminated to interested Google searchers. 

With Search Console, you can [Google Support]:

  • Ensure that Google can find and crawl your site
  • Fix any indexing problems or request that new/updated content be re-indexed
  • View traffic data
  • Receive alerts when errors (i.e., with indexing, finding or crawling) occur
  • Troubleshoot other issues like AMP and mobile usability

In the digital age, SEO is the name of the game when it comes to improving your financial planning content. And as you can imagine, there’s no company better placed to optimise your content for search engines than THE search engine.

For further improvement and support, Clients+ is on hand. Our website content writing services can work in tandem with these free and highly useful Google tools to elevate your company’s advertising strategies to a whole new level. All you need to do is get in touch to start the ball rolling.