What kind of content should a wealth management firm be putting out on their website, social media and other digital channels? Should you be political or seek to avoid controversy? What about the presentation of your posts, and how can you ensure these are on-point?

These sorts of questions are commonly faced by wealth managers across the UK which are seeking to do a good job with their online marketing. It’s tricky, however. Not only do you have compliance issues to navigate so that you don’t put your foot in your mouth, but you also face the challenge of constant creativity.

In short, how do you keep your content fresh – especially when financial services isn’t necessarily the most “exciting” subject to begin with for many people in your target audience!

Here at Clients Plus, we specalise in content for wealth managers and other financial firms. We offer this article to help you address some of these difficult questions mentioned above, and inspire some ideas regarding your own content marketing:


Social Media Content for Wealth Managers

Wealth managers are often conflicted about social media. On the one hand, many recognise that these platforms could provide a great way to raise brand awareness and engagement. On the other hand, which social platforms should they use and how can they be put to best use, without taking up tonnes of time and resource?

Here at Clients Plus, we offer a way for wealth managers to navigate this balance by providing a set of ready-made, compliant social media updates for you to use. From there, you can choose the posts you want from the set and either publish them manually, or schedule them to go out at an appropriate date and time using a service like Hootsuite.

Pushing out regular, relevant and valuable social media content not only shows prospects and clients that your business is active, listening and “with the times”. It can even provide the opportunity to generate brand engagement through comments on your posts, or leads – which may be drawn to your business due to the thought leadership you are offering.


Video Content for Wealth Managers

If you are a wealth manager using video content on your website, social media profiles and other digital platforms, then your content marketing is likely already a step ahead of the competition. Many wealth managers are still not making use of video to engage their audiences, which can give you a great opportunity to stand out to your prospects.

Videos do not have to feature your team, have complex on-site footage or take a “talking head” format. Here at Clients Plus, for instance, our content library features a set of high-quality animated videos for wealth managers, which can easily embed onto your website. These cover a range of topics which your audience may be interested in such as “How to develop an investor mindset”.

Videos like these can also be great brand awareness and lead generation tools. By integrating them into a a Facebook or YouTube campaign, for instance, you could push out your content to a range of interested users within a defined demographic/area.


Blog Content for Wealth Managers

Many audiences of wealth managers are still minded to read great text-based content, provided the topic is relevant and interesting to them. An article could be 500 words, 1000 words or even more. The length can vary, but the quality of the content needs to be excellent and provide real value to the reader.

For wealth managers, the content of your articles will depend on your brand voice, your distinct audience and other factors such as your marketing goals. Here at Clients Plus, for instance, we provide a wide range of ready-made, compliant articles for wealth managers covering topics such as diversification, investor bias and asset classes.

Articles like these can be great to feature on a wealth manager’s blog (to drive website traffic and engagement), social media profiles (to offer value to followers) or newsletter (to inform and inspire current clients on your email list).


Factsheets and Guides for Wealth Managers

Articles can be great. Yet another text-based content option for wealth managers would be a concise, engaging guide or factsheet which your readers can download and carry around with them. Here at Clients Plus, this is another type of content which we offer.

A factsheet might focus on an round-up of performance for a particular asset class within a period of time (e.g. gilts in 2020). It could provide a snapshot of market performance within developed markets (for investors who want to keep up to date on this information), or am overview of the UK economy.

Again, these kinds of content assets can be used in a wide range of marketing contexts including a wealth manager’s website, blog, advertising campaigns, newsletter and social media accounts.


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