Client referrals are one of the easiest ways, on the part of the financial planner, to attract new business and build your customer base. But how do you provide for your customers and ensure that those referrals keep being made?

With a range of value-adding content, including financial newsletters, of course. In terms of content marketing for financial advisers, client newsletters are a powerful piece of the puzzle.

Here are the four key reasons why newsletters help raise the client referral rate:

1. They Allow You to Make Regular Client Contact and Respond to Timely Situations

By sending monthly newsletters, weekly newsletters or otherwise regularly distributed newsletters to your clients, you’re consistently encouraging connection and communication. You’re keeping them in the loop, and they’re more likely to refer as a result.

Plus, newsletters are a chance to respond to all the latest developments as they happen – if something stressful or potentially concerning is on the horizon, your firm can be quick to jump in there and offer reassurance.

It’s all about fostering that connection and building the kind of ongoing relationship that allows your customers to believe in your trustworthiness.

If you measure the success of your financial content marketing, you’ll soon see how effective the newsletter can be as a form of marketing.

You Can Introduce a Referral Rewards Scheme in Them

One of the best referral tips for financial advisers that we can give is this: A rewards programme that offers discounts and freebies in return for referrals is one of the best ways to get more.

It stands to reason.

It also just so happens that there’s no better place to introduce this kind of scheme than in a newsletter, showing it to just the right number of clients so that it remains an exclusive offer but is still likely to generate some interest and results.

You could offer a service discount, or a free subscription period, or a free product, or a gift card. Whatever you do offer, there are bound to be clients waiting to take you up on it.

They Offer Additional Value and Expertise to Your Clients

A newsletter is a chance to provide your clients with even more financial knowledge and expertise, knowing they’re actively engaged to a higher degree than readers of, say, your financial planning blog.

They’ve signed up to a mailing list and registered their interest, and now you can show them that this was the right decision. But remember:

  • Don’t bombard your newsletter mailing list with emails a million times a day
  • Always make it clear that your company is the sender
  • Keep your language respectful
  • Keep your insights honest
  • Stay professional, but be warm and personal where you can

Cover all of those bases, and you’re likely to foster more customer loyalty than ever, resulting in more client referrals and more business (thanks to all the additional value you’ve been able to provide via newsletter).

The word ‘additional’ is key here, and it’s worth noting that financial newsletters are best distributed as one prong of a multi-pronged content marketing strategy.

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They’re a Great Way to Gather Feedback from Loyal Customers

The higher your rate of client satisfaction, the higher your rate of client referrals. The best way to raise client satisfaction levels is by listening to them and responding to their feedback and needs.

Newsletters are a great place to include a request for feedback, giving your core audience a chance to voice any and all concerns and giving your company a chance to resolve them.

When you listen to feedback and act on it, you make customers feel heard, respected and seen. A customer that feels this way is far more likely to recommend your services and generate a referral than a customer that feels ignored.

Listening and acting on feedback will make your customers feel heard and respected – increasing the likelihood of them encouraging others to follow your business too.

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