An Introduction to Estate Planning – The Video


Do you have clients who are looking for assistance in understanding what’s involved with the estate planning process? Our Introduction to Estate Planning video could be just the resource they need.

The result of sound copywriting by our specialist writers and graphic designers, this video clearly outlines the value of estate planning in a jargon-free manner to your clients. Boasting beautiful imagery, strong transitions and music, this is a great communication tool to inform and engage your audience.

Use the video on your website, blog and social media. You can even embed it into a newsletter, allowing you to bring your email marketing to a new level of prestige and professionalism. Features and benefits include:

A beautiful front and back cover spread.
10 pages of great content.
Great photography, quotes and imagery, integrated into a compelling layout.
An inviting introduction, outlining what wealth management is and how it helps clients.
An overview of the process.
Customisable with your logo and contact details (at additional cost).


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