An Introduction to Inheritance Tax Planning – The Video


Are you in need of a strong explainer video on IHT for your clients? Perhaps you’re looking to explain how the process works and the value you can add as a financial planner. With our Introduction to Inheritance Tax Planning video, you can take your online communication to new heights and address your clients’ content needs to a greater degree.

Adorned with great imagery and a compelling script, this is the ideal tool to integrate with your current digital marketing efforts. Perfect for embedding on social media, a WordPress website or monthly newsletter, give your audience an improved user experience, today.

Features and benefits include:

A beautiful front and back cover spread.
10 pages of great content.
Great photography, quotes and imagery, integrated into a compelling layout.
An inviting introduction, outlining what wealth management is and how it helps clients.
An overview of the process.
Customisable with your logo and contact details (at additional cost).


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