How to Develop an Investor Mindset – The Video


Assisting clients with the investment management process becomes much easier once they grasp the fundamentals of having a good investor mindset. This short, engaging video is the perfect resource for financial firms who wish to educate and equip their clients to this end, helping them avoid common pitfalls – especially those often made during a down market.

Ideal for financial advisers, planners and investment firms, this video can be purchased in its current format or integrated with your logo, contact details and compliance information.

The video can also be readily uploaded/embedded onto your website or blog, allowing for an enhanced user experience. The benefits include:

-Greater engagement and education of existing clients

-Smartphone & tablet friendly.

-Email to clients via a monthly newsletter.

-Use as a lead generation tool for your digital marketing campaigns

-Smooth transitions

-Engaging background music

-Informative, compliant script


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