Branded financial guides and reports are one of the most overlooked aspects of client content by financial planners and advisers.

They’re engaging, high value to your clients, and can also be utilised in a number of marketing ways, from article posts to lead generation tools.

Here are 4 ways you can engage with your clients using branded guides.


1 – Position Your Business as a Trusted Authority

Building your brand voice into a thought leader or industry expert is a key aspect to success for financial firms. Creating branding guides that directly answer specific pain points for your audience is a way of directly engaging with them and building trust. Additionally, you can produce guides that are specific to your business and services, in order to highlight your own expertise.


2 – Generate New Leads

If you’re looking to capture new subscribers and clients, then branded guides are the perfect choice for a lead magnet. Lead magnets can be an extremely effective tool for financial businesses as, when it comes to their finances, people are often searching for clear help and advice. Offering a free download of your branded guide in exchange for their email address, is a simple way to generate new leads.


3 – Add Value to your Newsletter

Financial newsletters are one of the most effective content tools for financial planners, and it is likely that you are already utilising blogs and/or articles within them. Branded guides can work in the same format, as a high-value content for your subscribers. Your newsletter already enables you to provide value to your clients, create an authoritative brand voice, and generate leads and sales. Adding a topical branded guide into that mix will only increase the success and popularity of your emails.


4 – Drive Brand Awareness

Due to their nature, content guides can be effectively utilised across a wide range of media channels and marketing campaigns. This naturally makes them invaluable when it comes to driving brand awareness and engagement. Take stock of your marketing strategy and take advantage of your successful areas, by utilising a branded guide as part of the content.


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