When it comes to creating client-focused content for your financial website, the trick is to deliver a wide range of content that is compelling to your audience while providing high-value information.

The best way to ensure your audience is continually engaged with your content is to plan it out in advance. To help streamline this planning process for you, here are 5 types of content you can use for client content on your financial website. Each will give your content variety, while also giving you scope within them to create content with different focuses.

1 Case Studies [Web Pages or Videos]

Everyone loves a good success story, but no more so than your clients. After all, they’re the ones who want to know exactly how you can help them achieve their own goals. Giving clear examples of what your business can do for them will make your audience feel in safe hands with you; either keeping them as a customer or transforming them into a new one. Just make sure you focus on WHY you were able to make it a success.

2 FAQs [Articles, Webpages or Newsletters]

In the finance industry, it is likely that you’re regularly faced with different clients who each have the same questions. Creating an FAQ article or webpage is an easy way to provide your audience with key information in a simple to digest format. Not only that, but having key education content on your website is an easy way to present your brand as an authority within the industry.


3 Interviews With Industry Experts [Articles or Newsletters]

In a similar vein to the point above, you can create further value by giving space over to an industry expert. Or, if that isn’t possible for you can have the same expert discussing different key topics each time. As long as you explain the relevance to your clients, and how this expertise is reflected in you.

4 Topical News Round Up [Articles or Social Media]

For some of your audience, your brand may be one of their main sources of information about your industry. Rounding up the major events and changes that occur in the industry, will make your audience consider you a reliable source of information. Make sure you also outline what the effects on the industry will be, this will help to show that your business is happy to move with new developments.


5 Seasonal Tips and Advice. [Articles or Newsletters]

Seasonal articles are perfect if you have a regular blog or newsletter as part of your client content strategy. You can easily capture your audience’s attention by talking about something that is already at the front of their mind. The most obvious examples of this are budgeting tips in the lead up to Christmas, and how to’s during tax season.


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