Video marketing is a powerful aspect of digital content, that can have hugely positive effects for financial advisers. Video content can work to improve your SEO, increase conversions, and stand out on social media. However, coming up with regular original video content can be difficult.

At Clients Plus we specialise in creating high-quality digital content for financial advisers, including compelling financial adviser videos. In this article, our video marketing experts give their top 5 ideas for financial adviser video content, to help inspire your content creation.

1 – Make a Big Announcement

Got a big announcement to make? Rather than simply writing it down in a newsletter or social media caption, why not make that announcement in a video? This is one of the easiest ways to utilise video in your marketing, especially as it works for almost any medium. The same video can be incorporated into your newsletter, so your subscribers see it first, and then shared across social media and on your website.

2 – Repurpose Valuable and Successful Content

Do you have a great blog post on your website that continually drives organic traffic? Or, do you have a seasonal article from last year that’s just as relevant now? Rather than share the same post, repurpose the same content into video format. Of course, where you can your video content should be fresh and original, but there’s no need to re-invent the wheel every single time.

3 – Nurture your Leads

Many of your subscribers and followers will be clients, but that doesn’t mean all of your content should be crafted towards them. Some of your audience will be leads that you can use video to nurture. One of the most effective ways to do this is with an animated introduction video. Not only does this make things more personal, but video content stays in the mind of your audience for longer than the written word. Plus, you can reuse it again and again.

4 – Create a Highlights Reel.

Have you hosted or participated in a webinar recently? Were you on a podcast? Have you featured in the press, or on a blog? Whatever you’ve been up to, condense it down to the best bits and create a video of highlights to share. This is also a great way to follow up and encourage further engagement with those who may have just learned about you after listening to the podcast, or participating in the webinar.

5 – Stock Market Summary

For many financial advisers, a regular stock market summary is a key aspect of their regular content. Transforming this summary into a video is a great way to utilise video marketing, especially if you have limited time to create regular video content. The most simple option is to create short weekly summaries in video form. However, if you send an extensive, quarterly stock market summary you could instead supplement this with a brief video that breaks down the main points.

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