When it comes to great financial planning content, simply covering interesting or current topics isn’t enough. There are a number of hallmarks that all digital content should have, in order to make it stand out above the rest and engage your audience.

Clients+ specialises in creating high-quality digital content for financial planners, including insightful articles, and engaging PDFs. Here, our team has pulled out the 7 hallmarks of great financial planning content.

1 – Tailored to Your Audience

Each piece of digital content you share should be directed at your target audience. Think carefully about their pain points, and deliver content that helps to solve their problems. Think about the language they use, and reflect that in your content. The more you speak directly to your ideal client, the more successful your content (and wider marketing strategy) will be.

2 – Short and Simple…

There’s no way around it, finance is a complex industry. One of the main issues faced by financial planners is creating content around key issues, that everyone can access and understand. The best thing to do when creating content is to think short and simple. Take some time to drill down into your content before you post it, so you can be sure you’re presenting it in a clear and concise way.

3 – …But not ‘Dumbed Down’

However, point 3 doesn’t mean you should remove all industry terms completely. Especially if you’re working to present yourself as an authority within the industry. Instead, take the time to explain complex and niche terms. This can be done in the text, or even with backlinks to dedicated articles you have created on the subject.

4 – High Value

The best content is where the value is obvious to the reader. Whether it’s a blog, email newsletter or video, your headline should entice them to click on the piece, and your introduction should clearly explain what your audience will gain and why it’s important. Remember point 2, the most valuable content will speak directly to your target audience.

5 – Search Engine Optimised

Before you make any content live take the time to check it for SEO keywords. Part of your content marketing strategy will be to increase organic traffic to your website. When you have your key phrases you should ensure that they are included in your headings and subheadings, as well as the alt text for any images or videos.

6 – Multi-Media

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking content should just be written copy. Images, infographics, branded guides, and videos can really help to elevate your digital content, while also making it difficult to understand topics simple.

7 – Mobile Friendly

Today, the majority of online searches are carried out on mobile devices, rather than on desktops. When setting a piece of financial content live, always double-check that it is compatible across all devices. You’ve taken the time to create great content, so you want to be sure that your audience can access it.

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