If one of your marketing goals is to increase leads and conversions, then you need to focus on your content marketing plan. However, it isn’t enough to simply put regular content out there. Financial planning content needs to be original and engaging, in order to drive conversions.

At Clients Plus we specialise in creating high-quality digital content for financial planners / From blogs and articles to videos and branded guides, we understand what makes compelling and high-converting financial planning content.

In this article, our content experts give you their top 5 ideas for financial planner content that drives conversions! Best of all, each of these ideas can be used across a range of content types.

1 – Regularly Introduce Yourself

Keeping your audience up to date with who you are is a great way to increase conversions. Showing the faces behind the business keeps things personal, and reminds both potential and old clients exactly how you can help them. Not only that but a great introduction piece of content, whether it’s a blog or video, can be reused again and again.

2 – Show off Impressive Case Studies

A good success story can help transform a number of potential clients into actual clients. Not only do case studies explain exactly how you can help them achieve their personal financial goals, but they also cement you as an industry leader. When creating a case study don’t fall into the trap of telling a story of what you did, make sure you focus on how and why you were able to make it a success.

3 – Solve Pain Points Through FAQ’s

The financial industry is a complicated one. Many of your audience will be looking to you to help them understand financial topics, and solve their pain points. Creating an FAQ article or video gives your audience key information in a simple to digest format. Plus, the more valuable your content, the more loyal old and new clients will be to your business.

4 – Round Up the Latest Industry News

Your financial planner content may be one of the main sources of financial information for your audience. Capitalise on this by regularly re-capping major industry events and changes that your audience may not hear about anywhere else. To increase the conversion rate, always outline any effects these changes may have on your business and potential clients. This shows that you’re willing to move with new developments, and put your clients first. You can also take your news round-up further with a regular stock market summary.

5 – Connect with Other Industry Leaders

Giving space in your content over to other industry experts is a great way to add wider value to your audience. Whether you focus on different people or different topics, the key is to keep the information covered topical and relative to your target audience. For example, a video of you interviewing a budgeting expert in the lead-up to Christmas is bound to strike a chord. Just be sure you link the content to your own services.

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