An Introduction to Retirement Planning – The Video


Explaining the retirement planning process to a prospect or new client is much easier with a clear video presentation. This is where our Introduction to Retirement Planning video steps in. Clear, concise and filled with helpful animations to outline the process, this is a great tool to use on your website, social media and monthly newsletter.

Ideal for financial advisers and planners, you can order this video in its current format off-the-shelf. Alternatively, you can integrate your logo, contact details and compliance information to make it your own, bringing it more into your toolkit of branded marketing assets.

Upload and integrate easily with your WordPress or other website, on blog post and pillar pages. Increase your visitor dwell time by giving them a compelling resource which is easy to consume, and which encourages them to take the next step – such as booking a consultation.

Benefits include:

-Engage and educate existing clients

-Compatible with smartphone & tablet devices.

-Easy to message out via a newsletter to a email list

-Use to generate leads from your digital marketing campaigns

-1:39 minutes

-Smooth transitions

-Engaging background music

-Informative, compliant script


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