CRO (conversation rate optimisation) is crucial in the digital marketplace, and your ability to turn clicks into customers could be make or break for your company. Luckily, financial planning videos offer you a strong chance of improving that rate.

Financial planning content can take many forms, but one of the most engaging of all is video. That’s why informative, educational finance videos are available via Clients+. Videos that could help you to optimise your conversion rate by:

Strengthening Your Branding

Videos on landing pages have been proven to increase that all-important conversion rate by up to 80% [LinkedIn]. But why does this happen? What does a piece of video marketing do that another type of content can’t to further CRO?

It greatly strengthens your branding, for one, and there are two key reasons why:

  • Video content is seen as a highly credible option in the marketing content hierarchy – It positions your company as a thought leader in the financial field – a company with plenty of insights to share and plenty of advice to offer.
  • Videos feel more polished and professional to the average website visitor – They speak of an extra effort being made, and subconsciously deliver the message that the same amount of effort will be given to clients.

If building your brand is at the top of your to-do list along with boosting that conversion rate, then video content isn’t the only reason you should be considering Clients+.

We offer expert marketing support and perfectly pitched website content writing services on a monthly basis, and nothing builds brand credibility more than consistently high-quality content that engages the audience.

Providing a New Place to Capture Leads

Videos don’t just indirectly encourage your website’s conversion rate – they can also give you a new place to actively capture leads.

For example, marketing software producer Wistia offers its users a service called Wistia Turnstile. 

Turnstile adds a skippable screen to a video on which viewers can fill out a contact form and provide you with their name and their email address if they’re interested in your services/what they’re watching on your site. 

According to analysis of thousands of videos using Turnstile, marketing videos with Turnstile lead capture screens embedded in the first 10-20% of the video enjoyed high conversion rates of 38-41% [Wistia].

Offering Brevity and Immediacy

Financial planning content can be notoriously dry, especially for smaller clients and beginners with less knowledge.

If, as a financial adviser, you’re looking to capture a new swathe of customers (and optimise that conversion rate as a result), videos are a good way to provide information in a more accessible, speedily delivered format.

Videos often offer viewers a level of brevity and immediacy that just can’t be achieved by a newsletter or a blog post.

Here are just a few types of website visitor that might be more tempted to take the leap and get in touch if they were able to view some informative, value-adding video content:

  • Someone with impaired vision
  • A person with a disability that impacts their reading ability
  • A busy person with only a few minutes to spare
  • Someone looking to multi-task and get the dishes done while learning

Creating a Human-to-Human Connection

Imagine the following scenarios, and you’ll soon see the value of human connection…

In scenario one, you’re a person looking for a financial adviser. You Google a search term relevant to you, and a blog comes up. You read the blog, and it’s helpful.

In scenario two, you’re a person looking for a financial adviser again. Once more, you Google a search term relevant to you, but this time, a video comes up. In the thumbnail, a person is smiling back at you. You watch the video, and it’s helpful.

In which situation do you think you’d feel more engaged? More likely to become a customer?

The human face is a powerful thing in terms of evoking a stronger response and optimising your conversion rate.

Think about it like this: A blog or written piece of content is like a text conversation about something. It can be extremely informative and helpful, but it comes without the intertextuality of real-life conversation.

A video, on the other hand, is like a video call – or even a face-to-face chat. There’s more room to pick up on tone, on gestures, on all the little things that matter.

This means there’s more room to connect and capture future customers, and it’s exactly why videos for financial planners can be so powerful.

Clients+ is here to provide content marketing for financial advisers in a range of different forms, including but not limited to videos. If you’d like further support or have any questions for our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.