For financial planners, video marketing is an excellent tool, simultaneously educating customers and lining up sales. At Clients+, our website content writing services aren’t limited to blogs and guides. We also produce high-quality client videos.

Content marketing for financial advisers is a very necessary part of the job, helping you to attract new customers and keep growing your business.

In an online space saturated with content, video marketing is an exciting way to try something new and stand out. In this article, we’ll explore the six biggest reasons why videos are such a powerful marketing tool for financial planners, advisers and accountants.

1. Videos Allow Information to Be Expressed Differently

There are certain things you can’t easily express in a text-only format, and certain visuals you can’t create. Using videos in your package of available customer content will allow you to express things differently, and to express things you might otherwise not have been able to get across. Every Clients+ video available for purchase is full of useful and valuable information carefully crafted to be communicated in that particular format, with videos covering everything from lasting power of attorney to wealth management.

2. Video Content Helps With SEO

Videos tend to bring more traffic to your website. They also cause visitors to remain on the site for longer. As a result of these increases, your rankings on search engine sites like Google will improve, and snippets of your video clips will begin to appear at the top of search results. This will encourage more people to watch them and create a positive loop of cause and result.

3. Videos Access a Different Kind of Customer

Though many people need financial services, not every person has the time or inclination to read through paragraphs of text so that they can learn more about finance and engage with your company. Mobile phones see more global traffic than computers in 2021, and a video format suits that change. Videos can be watched and listened to on any screen, in a lower effort manner. For certain customers, this makes videos much more engaging.

4. Video Marketing Can Be Delivered in Multiple Ways

You could post financial video marketing content directly on your homepage. Or in your website’s FAQ section. Or on a dedicated page of video resources. You could even deliver embedded videos to customers within email campaigns. Since videos are easy to embed in most places and easy to watch on most devices, financial planning videos can be delivered to customers in whichever way you feel would best serve your business.

5. Videos Increase Customer Trust

The high production value of video content has been proven to increase customer trust, and this, in turn, drives traffic, conversions and sales. It stands to reason, really: If your customers trust you, they’re more likely to want to purchase your products and/or services. Your videos can form a strong and well-produced part of your content library, letting visitors to your website know that you have plenty of expert knowledge to offer, and you can be relied upon to deliver.

6.Video Marketing Content Has a Strong ROI

Businesses that make use of video marketing, whether they’re purchasing that content from a company like ours or creating it from scratch, see revenue growth that’s about 49% faster than businesses that don’t. Isn’t that incredible? The cost of purchasing a piece of video marketing soon returned to you, as this type of digital content performs extremely well for your company.

Clients+ offers a range of digital content creation options, from videos to guides, newsletters and blogs. Our client portal full of exclusive content is a great option if you’re looking to build up your financial planning firm’s library of high-quality, value-filled content.