Content marketing for financial advisers should be easy. Accountants, planners and advisers have so much valuable information to offer their customers. But sharing that information in a digestible format? Not as simple as it sounds.

That’s where we come in, with a client portal dedicated to financial planning content and a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of digital content creation.

In this article, our expert marketing team will break down the five different ways that you can use financial planning guides to add value to your website, generate traffic and build your brand.

1. To Add Visual Interest

There’s a lot of competing content on the internet. As a result, the way that your financial planning firm’s website and content looks will impact the length of site visits. Eye-catching content that’s different from the norm holds attention, and with the right design and hosting, that’s exactly what a financial planning guide can be. Every one of our guides is an easily accessible digital PDF, carefully designed to add colour and depth to your website without feeling overwhelming or overpowering. Created to draw and please the eye, holding customer attention.

2. To Dive More Deeply into a Topic

In a financial planning guide, you’ll be able to give a topic more space to breathe and be understood by readers. Pages of well-structured content allow for more information to be delivered than could be gotten across in the confines of something like a blog post, or a piece of email marketing, or even a page on the website. As a financial expert, you likely already understand the importance of diversification. It matters in your content marketing, too. Our website content writing services will cover all bases, allowing for deep dives (when they’re needed) and quick summaries (when they feel more appropriate).

3. To Build Your Content Library

Similarly, financial planning guides are a great way to build up your content library. When you have a strong library of readable and valuable assets behind your accountancy company, people who come across your webpage will see you as a trusted and reliable source of information. A well-established expert with plenty to offer. And, similarly to the benefits of adding visual interest: If there’s more to see, there’s more reason to stay on your website. Content is the hook, and when you have enough of it, you’ll be able to reel in new customers with far more ease.

4. To Raise Your Brand Profile

Our guides are available in branded and white-label varieties, and if you opt to purchase a branded guide from Clients+, you’ll know that wherever your financial planning guide is shared, your brand name goes. And not just your name, either – there’s room to include more details that could become leads, like a phone number and a business address. With experienced writers on the case and a beautiful design to make the content pop, these guides are highly shareable, highly valuable marketing materials.

5. To Respond to Client Requests

Including a range of financial planning guides on your website is one of several ways to respond to client requests more effectively and efficiently. Say, for example, a customer comes to you asking about the difference between investing and speculating. If you have a Clients+ guide covering this topic available on your website (like ‘Investing vs Speculating: A Short Guide’), your answer can be a quick, simple and informative redirect, keeping your time free and your customers happy.

With financial planning guides available on a range of rich sub-topics from pension drawdown to wealth management, Clients+ is sure to have content options that will suit your company’s needs.