Effective content marketing for financial advisers is all about finding new ways to make your financial planning firm (and your financial planning content) stand out. One great way to go about this? Sharing financial planning guides and factsheets.

Why use financial planning guides? Because a personal financial planning guide is one of the most effective and engaging pieces of content that a financial planner can provide their customers with. If you’d like to improve your financial planning content and build a more diverse library of options, guides are a great choice. 

Here are six different ways they’ll help your financial advice stand out from the crowd…


They’re Downloadable

Financial planning guides, unlike blogs or similar solely digital sources of information, can be downloaded (as a PDF, most usually).

They can then be saved and accessed at any time, meaning a customer doesn’t need the space in their day to engage with it when they see it. Instead, they can keep it for future reference.

Because of this, the customer won’t feel pressured by your financial planning firm’s marketing style. They’ll instead feel they’re allowed to discover the value contained within the financial guide on their terms. 

Customers being able to discover useful info in their own time equals customers becoming very loyal to your brand, much of the time.


They’re Highly Shareable

Thanks to the fact that they are downloadable, financial planning guides are also highly shareable. This means they’re a great way not just to further engage your existing customer base, but to develop a new customer base.

These guides can be enjoyed in so many different formats, making it easy as pie for a customer to refer a friend to them.

And if they’re well-written, full of helpful advice and guidance and branded with your company name? 

A new client might be welcomed into the fold right there and then!


They Offer More Design/Aesthetic Freedom

Aesthetics matter, and though you can make your website very sleek and well-designed, there are still aesthetic limitations in the digital arena.

Oppositely, financial guides put you in the driver’s seat design-wise. 

And, when you can do anything, you’re far better equipped to create something stand-out, considering all the small (but potentially impactful) details like font, layout and arrangement of images alongside text.

Many studies have shown that something which looks professional is more likely to be seen as valuable and trustworthy, so why not use this fact to your company’s advantage with an aesthetically well-considered financial planning guide?


Valuable Information Can Be Shared in a Uniquely Digestible Format

If you get your financial planning guide template right, you’ll have so much scope to share in a different way than you’d be able to via, say, your blog posts.

In a guide of this type, everything can be more spaced out. 

Plus, word count doesn’t have to be an issue you’re actively contending with.

Essentially, financial guides will give you more freedom in every sense to share important financial insights without overwhelming customers with a large block of basically presented content.


You’ll Have More Room for Thought Leadership

Following on from the above point, if the word count is a less crucial consideration, you’ll have more freedom to explore thought leadership.

To deliver your company’s opinions and predictions on situations, rather than simply reporting facts in a drier style.

With Clients+ on your side, this type of carefully considered content isn’t as challenging as you might think.

Plenty of industry-leading insights are available on our portal and our website, increasing your credibility in the finance space without eating into your valuable working time.


They’ll Add to Your Diverse Library of Financial Planning Content

Building up a base of quality finance content is the best possible way to increase your company’s credibility.

Financial guides alone can’t necessarily achieve this, but alongside other types of content like blogs and videos? You’re in business.

When you’ve got plenty of stuff to discover on your SEO-friendly website, your brand will rise in the Google rankings until it’s regularly coming up on the first page of results for related search terms.

If you’d love to get to work incorporating financial guides into your content strategy but you’re simply too busy to do this yourself, Clients+ is on hand to help. 


We produce financial planning content of an extremely high standard, from information-packed guides to ultra-engaging videos. Find out more about our exclusive online content library today.